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Click here to view photos from the MINDSCAPES TAROT immersive gallery show in NYC!

The Visionary Tarot Deck For Our Time.

Feel inspired, transported, and nurtured by the Mindscapes Tarot, an artistic journey through breathtaking, magical worlds that connect you to nature and your imagination.

MINDSCAPES: A Tarot Panorama raised over $100,000 from over 900+ backers on Kickstarter. Fewer than 40 copies of this Signature Edition remain! Get yours today!

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The Story

"After darkness comes the light." - Cornelius Nepos

The Mindscapes Tarot was created specifically during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. The deck's healing imagery is meant to nurture the spirit and inspire hope during dark times. It provides a window for expansive thought when we are all sheltered inside, and deepens our connection with nature and our communities when we feel isolated and alone.


Ultimately, this deck was developed by you! Through a dialogue lasting nearly two years, artist and audience worked together to bring Mindscapes to life. Your thoughts, questions, comments, critiques, anecdotes, and revelations all informed what this deck turned out to be. In a big way, you are all part of the final artwork!


Curiously, the cards correspond to milestone events in this tumultuous year, including the U.S. election and insurgence at the Capitol, the devastation of Hurricane Ida, and the release of the COVID-19 vaccine. The deck is a time capsule for this transformative period in all of our lives.        


What's Included


25-Card Major Arcana deck on heavy-duty, superior smooth card stock with gilded edges; Glossy cardbox with gold foil seal; and a luxurious black velvet carry pouch: This deck is meant to evolve into an heirloom piece that can be passed down with the wisdom it contains.

A 75-page, 8x10 hardcover companion art book/guidebook with artist's commentary, card interpretations, and a section for your own personal notes: This book can be used to reflect on the year, to help interpret the cards, to journal about your own interpretations, or simply to display as a beautiful, conversation-starting coffee table book.

Limited first edition, hand-signed and numbered: As a rare artist's version of the deck, it will continue to accrue value and cost over time.

Completely hand-drawn artwork, including borders and lettering: Hundreds of hours of love and care were spent bringing this deck to vivid life in the rare medium of oil pastels. At your fingertips will be a pocket gallery of 24 individual works of art.

Evocative, colorful landscapes: The deck's Impressionist style is accessible, user-friendly, and designed to tap into your authentic, playful, creative, subconscious mind. Great for beginners and seasoned card readers alike.

Totally original imagery: This design concept is 100% original and exclusive to the Mindscapes Tarot.

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From the Artist


I set out to create this deck with the belief that everyone has the power to tap into their hidden potential and answer their own important questions. Since those early days, those who discovered and supported Mindscapes have been rock solid in their enthusiasm, and I have tried to match that level of trust by involving you directly in the creation of the cards, from stark pencil sketches to full-color panoramas. Over the past two years, I have listened to your insights and taken them to heart. I even let you choose which card I would work on next. It is my hope that the openness and reciprocation of this whole process informs the deck and your interpretation of it.

Wishing you all guidance, inspiration, and a little bit of mystery,


MINDSCAPES Deluxe Package

Don't Miss Out!

MINDSCAPES: A Tarot Panorama raised over $100,000 from over 900+ backers on Kickstarter. Fewer than 50 copies of this Signature Edition remain! Get yours today!

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